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The project “HOMOEOPATHY IN HAEMOPHILIA” started in December 2007  Recognized by  National Institute Of  Immunohaematology, K.E.M Hospital ,Parel, Mumbai with the aim to aid people suffering from Haemophilia, during bleeding and non-bleeding phase and achieve following goals..


  1.  To fulfill the vision of HFI i.e child without pain and disability
  2. To reduce frequency and duration of bleeding with subsequent reduction in factor consumption and dependency.
  3. To provide comprehensive care to haemophilics with homoeopathic medicines to increase the compliance of the patient in non-bleeding, bleeding and post-bleeding phase.
  4. To improve general condition and tolerance of the patient.

             A monthly camp is conducted completely on charitable basis on first Sunday of every month.

 890 haemophiliacs have been registered till date and are benefited by the Homoeopathic medicines. Beside Haemphilia, patients suffering from Thalessaemia, Von Willebrand disease, Carrier females are also registered.